Isaac's Story

My name is Isaac and I am struggling with low self-esteem.

In my late teens difficult life circumstances caused me to develop low self-esteem, which in turn caused serious depression and a lack of hope or direction in my life. There were times when I even contemplated suicide.

Even though I was a Christian throughout all of this, healing only came very slowly. Little bits of counselling and little bits of prayer made a small difference, but not enough. I was always in a hurry to declare myself ‘sorted’, but I wasn’t appreciating the reality of how I was feeling.

Through participation on the STEPS course I gained an insight into just how much God loves me. I might not feel like I’ve been very successful in my life, but it doesn’t matter because I am so utterly precious to him! I am content and I trust that God is able to show me how I can share his love with others too.

I know that I am at the start of a life-long healing journey, but whereas before I was just going around in circles I’ve now been given a map and a compass. It is so good to feel the difference that God has made in such a short time. I am now looking forward to what’s next for me and am really enjoying the journey.

Christ Church London