Claire's Story

My name is Claire and I’m struggling with a fear of failure.

I started STEPS because I felt like there were many areas in my life where I could do with some help. It wasn’t easy to nail down the exact issue I wanted to work on, but I began to realise that many aspects of my behaviour, thoughts, and feelings such as perfectionism, control, anxiety, hesitation/procrastination, and unrealistic expectations of myself were due to my fear of failure.

The course provided very handy “tools” which helped me unravel my fear of failure in a safe and guided environment. The course content flowed well from one week to the next, and the concepts we learned each week all made so much sense. It was easy to understand: the speakers shared valuable insights and examples which I could relate to and apply to my own situation. So much food for thought!

The exercises at the end of each chapter were a very good way for me to reflect on my behaviours, actions, and thoughts, and really start to do something about them. It wasn’t always an easy journey to ask myself those questions and complete the exercises, but it was well worth putting the time and effort into it as in the end, you get out as much as you put in. Initially the group session was a bit strange as you didn’t get feedback from anyone, however as the course progressed I really appreciated this method as it gave me the freedom to spill my heart out. Often I found that this “free-speech” gave me even more insight to how I was feeling, thinking, and behaving. The opportunity to listen to others in the group share about themselves is also so valuable as it makes you feel that you are definitely not alone or the only one struggling.

The biggest change for me came quite early on when we discussed the power of surrendering. When I started this course I had decided that I was going to give it my all and really try my best to go through each step earnestly and honestly. I had tried to surrender myself to God many times before but I don’t know why, this time while on this course I truly did. This didn’t mean that the following weeks were a breeze for me: I still struggled with some chapters and I had to constantly remind myself to put into practice whatever I had learned each week. In the weeks that went by I simply felt so much lighter and more able to deal with my issue, as I knew that God was with me. I feel like I am definitely on the right path to overcoming my fear of failure. What I am really pleased about is that throughout the weeks I actually managed to catch myself in my old patterns/habits and change my thoughts and behaviours in some everyday situations. I am so glad and thankful that I did STEPS and am now able to recognise my negative thought and behavioural patterns and try to change them. It’s greatly improved my quality of life!

Christ Church London