Jamie's story

My name is Jamie and I am struggling with post-traumatic stress.

I began STEPS because I was struggling with post-traumatic stress and simply could not overcome the destructive patterns that had emerged out of my experience of trauma. I was trapped in a sense of guilt, shame, and crippling anxiety. It felt like a big step to even begin the course, however, it was well worth the risk. The process of surrender to God, confession and forgiveness has been powerful and has enabled me to reconnect with God, myself and others.

The most profound change has been the freedom that has arisen from a fresh revelation of God’s grace. I used to believe that God was judgemental and condemning, but now I know that he truly loves me I can open my heart afresh to God and to others, rather than hiding in shame. This has brought about a greater sense of peace, serenity and compassion for myself, whereas before I had been battling with self-hatred. In learning to be kind to myself I have much more capacity for compassion to others. My post-traumatic stress symptoms have reduced significantly which has really increased my faith that deep transformation and healing is truly possible.

It’s been an amazing journey and looking back I can see all the change that God has brought about in what has felt like a short space of time.

Christ Church London