Run the STEPS course

How does STEPS help?

STEPS provides a safe environment for people to work through difficult thought patterns or behaviours that have been holding them back from living life to the full, through a course which combines gospel principles and self-reflection. 

How does STEPS work?

STEPS works in two key ways: self-reflection through reading the study book and contemplating the questions it raises, and declaring our struggles aloud in a group setting. STEPS doesn't allow any comment or advice from the rest of the group, it merely provides the setting in which to come to terms with whatever it is we may be working on. 


How do I start my own STEPS course?

To start your own course, all you need is a copy of the STEPS Facilitator's Manual and the STEPS textbook and a group of people willing to try and make a difference in their lives. If you'd like to start a course in your church or community, or have any queries about running a course, we'd love you to get in touch with us. Please also find a list of list of frequently asked questions from those who are considering running a course.