If you'd like to run the STEPS course, use this page to find all the resources you'll need. 


Course Book 

Written by STEPS founder Lars Due-Christensen, this book contains everything you need to participate on a STEPS course. Each chapter contains a description of the step, the biblical principle behind the step and an analysis of why we find ourselves in need of principles like these. The book also includes testimonies, exercises and questions for reflection. 


Facilitator's Manual

Every leader of the STEPS course has the support of the Facilitator's Manual. This manual is a collection of our experiences as a team in facilitating the STEPS course in Denmark from 2005, and in London from 2016. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the course book.


Video Series

The STEPS video series is designed to complement the course book. Each video sets out the purpose of the step, and includes testimonies and an informal talk. 

The series includes videos for each of the 12 steps (approx 25 minutes in length), as well as an introduction to the course. 




For the STEPS video series (including digital version of the Facilitator's Manual), or to register to run a course, please get in touch. 


Step 01 – Recognition

Take a look at Step 01 from the video series.