The History of STEPS



The Beginning

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars and Mette Due-Christensen have been involved in church ministry for many years in their native home of Denmark. Their church, the Copenhagen Cultural Centre, had a vast influx of people from traditional 12 step groups such as AA and NA. Many of these people shared how they had experienced freedom from addictions by going through the 12 steps, and it had led them to a journey of faith. Consequently, Lars and the other leaders of the church decided to create a course that would use narratives and principles of the bible to illuminate the 12 steps. The aim was to create a safe place for everybody to receive the help of God in order to find freedom from unhelpful patterns.



First Steps

Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2006 the first STEPS course began in the Cultural Centre with significant stories of people finding freedom as a result. The word caught on and within three years courses were being started all over Denmark in all kinds of Christian churches. Today, STEPS in Denmark is run by an inter-denominational board and they have recently received funding to start a programme for teenagers. 



Stepping across Europe

London, England

Upon moving to London for Mette's doctoral research, Lars joined the leadership team at Christ Church London. In the spring of 2016 Lars and Mette ran the first STEPS course at CCL. They realised that people in London had very similar experiences to people in Copenhagen, and that STEPS could help people find freedom in the UK too. Over the course of two years, more than 200 people have attended a STEPS course at Christ Church London.


2018 - onwards

Next Steps


Consequently, the team at Christ Church London have developed a resource kit to enable other churches in the UK to run STEPS. 

We've seen the difference that STEPS has made to the lives of members of our church community, and we'd love to pass that on. If you'd like to run a STEPS course at your church, click here to find out how.